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General GPS

AFS GPS ProductsThese questions relate to general GPS/DGPS issues not related to any specific operation. For example, a question like "What is the latest firmware version for the 252 receiver?" will be found here, but a question like "What version of 252 firmware is required for compatibility with NavII firmware version 3.32?" will be found on the AFS AccuGuide page.


May 26, 2009

There is a need for multiple GPS outputs from the 162, 252, and 262 GPS receivers.

This is especially common when exporting GPS to a secondary control or logging system on an AccuGuide-equipped vehicle.  When trying to engage AccuGuide, the AFS Pro 600 displays FAULT 62, which indicates a PPS (pulse per second) error in the circuit between the GPS receiver and the Nav II controller.  Autoguidance will not engage.  This condition is found most often on tractors running AccuGuide autoguidance and pulling a planter that runs row clutches via a second control system (not via the AFS Pro 600).

Use CNH part number ZTN55224 to export GPS signals from a 162, 252, or 262 receiver to a 3rd-party device.  This cable is designed to allow Port C to be utilized when Ports A and B are already in use (for example, when using RTK and the Joey radio).  The pin in location 4 of the 12-pin Deutsch connector at the receiver is the PPS wire.  The PPS can be thought of as the "heartbeat" between the receiver and Nav II controller.  If you use a cable other than ZTN55224, it is very likely that the cable has a terminal in the #4 location, and this either dilutes the PPS signal so the Nav II cannot recognize the signal, or resets the receiver configuration so it can no longer communicate with the Nav II controller.  Cable ZTN55224 does not have a terminal in the #4 location.

Sep 10, 2008

GPS differential correction signal (DGPS) subscriptions are now ordered and renewed directly though OmniSTAR Inc. Customer Service.

You may contact OmniSTAR Customer Service at 1-888-883-8476, or contact your local Case IH dealer for assistance.

May 6, 2008

However, the monitor will also accept 19.2k. Some users have reported issues with slower baud rates.  Other settings are as follows:

Communication protocol:  NMEA
Data bits:  8
Parity:  None
Stop bits: 1
Baud rate: 4800 - 38400 (38400 is preferred)
Hertz rate 1 hz or 5 hz
NMEA strings:  GGA and VTG (GSV can be used if reciever is compatible, will display sky plot)
May 6, 2008

The correct connection type is dependent on how the GPS receiver is connected to the vehicle or display.

CAN A: Use this connection when utilizing the GPS receiver connection on a factory installed AccuGuide ready tractor or sprayer.  Used on Generic Tractor, Magnum Tractors, PUMA Tractors, Steiger Tractors, Axial-Flow 2500 Series.

CAN B: Use this connection on 88 Series combines, Axial-Flow 7010/8010 combines, and 20 Series combines, for factory-installed GPS receivers or any receiver installed on the vehicle's secondary CAN bus.

RS232A: Use if connecting any GPS receiver to the flat 5-pin connection on a 2100/2300/2500 series combine or universal tractor/planter harness.  This setting is also used when connecting a serial receiver to the 10-pin connector on an 88 Series combine, AF 7010/8010 combine, or 20 Series combine.

RS232B: Use if connecting any GPS receiver to the serial connection on the bottom of the Pro600. IMPORTANT: This connector does not provide a ground for the data signal.  If you experience difficulty establishing communication via the RS232B connection, contact your local Case IH dealer.