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Desktop Software

AFS Desktop SoftwareThese questions relate to the AFS desktop software (AFS Harvest and Application Control Systems v12 and prior, or AFS Office v2012 and higher).


Dec 18, 2013

Case IH is pleased to announce the release of AFS Mapping & Records v2014 software version 2014.  Download here!

AFS Mapping & Records software is now compatible with the new XCN-2050 display. Use the Mapping software to read and write data to/from the display.

The software can now read Large Square Baler data collected with the AFS Pro 300 or AFS Pro 700 display. The program now provides:

     - A summary that includes the total yield and area covered.
     - Maps of individual bale drops with details on each bale.
     - A separate map that shows instantaneous bale data collected at regular intervals.

Additional support is now available for Ag Leader *.agdata files where jobs are completed over multiple days.

Updated support is now available for reading Trimble Yield Data. When reading data that was previously imported into the program, the software will now ignore the new data and maintain the previously read-in data.  Prior versions of the software would read the data and then create duplicate jobs.

Existing AFS Mapping & Records customers with an active Maintenance Service Plan can obtain the version 2014 update.  New unlock keys will be required.

If you are not currently using the AFS Mapping & Records software, contact your local Case IH dealer for more information on pricing and features.

Nov 2, 2012

Case IH is pleased to announce the release of AFS Harvest and Application Control Systems software version 12.5.

Desktop software version 12.5 is fully compatible with Case IH AFS Pro 600 / Pro 700 software version 27 for data import/export, and with all prior versions of AFS display software for data import.

Enhancements in AFS v12.5 include support for the latest AFS Pro 600/700 display software, and the ability to read additional performance data recorded by the displays in supported vehicle models.  v12.5 also includes support for Windows 8, as well as gesture support for Windows 7 and 8 computers with touchscreens.  See the v12.5 Release Notes for a complete list of feature enhancements and improvements.

Customers currently enrolled in the software maintenance program will be notified of this update via email (if version 12.0 was unlocked online), or will receive a CD in the mail (if version 12.0 was unlocked over the phone).  The update is also available through the automatic "Check for Updates" feature found in the software Help menu.

If you are not currently using the AFS desktop software, contact your local Case IH dealer for more information on pricing and features.

Mar 25, 2009

Instructions are available for creating a card using the AFS Desktop Software for the AFS Pro 600 Display.

Sep 10, 2008

AFS desktop software must be upgraded sequentially through the different versions of software in order for the archived data to be transferred automatically.

For example, if you currently have version 5.52 installed in your desktop, you must install version 6.0 before installing version 6.5.

After you install each software upgrade, open the AFS software to begin the migration process. After the migration process is complete, close the software and install the next upgrade (if applicable).

Sep 10, 2008

This answer applies only to data recorded with a black-and-white planter monitor.

You may experience this problem if your datacard contains a folder that was created when it was used for harvest data. When the datacard was used for a previous harvest and has a "Combines" folder in the "*.cnh" folder, the AFS software sees the "Combines" folder and assumes that all data on the card is harvest data.

To correct this problem, use Windows Explorer to delete the "Combines" folder from the card.

Use the following procedure to delete the "Combines" folder:

A. Use Windows Explorer to open the "*.cnh" folder on the data card.

B. Delete the folder named "Combines." (Right click once on the "Combines" folder and select "Delete" from the drop-down menu.)

C. Exit Windows Explorer.

D. Open the desktop software and follow the normal steps to archive a data card.